Dungeon is taking too long?

Can't beat a tough level?

Introducing Sleep-N-Game

Sleep-N-Game automatically plays your games on your behalf! Just plug it into your computer while you do other things. Sleep-N-Game will be hard at work helping you advance your games.

Currently, Sleep-N-Game supports Summoner's War and Puzzles and Dragons. More games will be supported in the near future.


You can download Sleep-N-Game and check our demo video:

The secret sauce

  • No cheats: Sleep-N-Game does not modify memory or require root.
  • Keep fair: we only target games which have finite stamina.
  • Win-win: Users of our app tend to buy more stamina and support the game developer ecosystem.

Want to give it a try?

Download both the following programs and enjoy!


AY App Team is built by Arun Ganesan and Yu-Chih Tung
Two graduate students at University of Michigan

Arun Ganesan


Yu-Chih Tung


Ting-Yan Tung

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